Our exceptional facilities, amenities and services would mean little without our amazing team.

Made up of the very best Veterinary Specialists, Veterinary Nurses and support staff, it’s their dedication and talent that has made Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic what it is today.

Dr Amit Ranjan, DVM (Director)

After completing his Veterinary Degree in 2003, Dr Ranjan completed his MBA degree. He then worked in the administrative field, but he found it difficult to live away from his passion for treating pets and understanding animal behaviour. He wanted to help & treat patients again and joined Veterinary Field again after moving to Canada in 2008.

He also worked as a veterinarian in Calgary in 2011 while visiting and exploring the extreme weather of Alberta. Dr Ranjan has been working Locum doctor at many day practices and emergency clinics in the lower mainland until he acquired the Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic in August 2015.

Dr Ranjan has a special interest in veterinary ultrasound and has got an Advanced Imaging Certificate of Completion. He also does mobile ultrasound practice for many clinics in the lower mainland in the name of Skylark Veterinary Ultrasound Service.

Dr Ranjan has also completed detailed Endoscopy training to make this service available at Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic.

Dr Ranjan has a special interest in the ever-expanding field of feline medicine. He is a member of AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) as well. He also attends various seminars/conferences and likes to learn advanced and better techniques in veterinary medicine. His outside interests include playing tennis, soccer, basketball, hiking and travelling.

Dr Rajan Kansal, BVSc

Dr Ravindra Yadav, BVSc

Dr Gurpal Chahal, BVSc

Dr Gunaretnam Iyathurai, BVSc

Dr Gurvinder Gill, BVSc

Ramneet Sahota, Manager + VOA

Ramneet Sahota is the manager at Intercity Animal Emergency, as well as a VOA. She has been with us since October 2018. She loves to meet new pets every day and help them and their owners through tough times. She especially loves black cats and back in India she has 12-year-old German Shepard, named Johnny.

She has a science degree with a major in Biology and is planning on further schooling to become a Biochemist/Biophysicist. Ramneet moved to Canada in 2016
and has two brothers, one of them a twin. When not at work she enjoys playing basketball, travelling, reading and trying extreme sports like bungee jumping and skydiving.

Vikas Garg, Vet Technician

Puneet Bajaj, Vet Technician

Taylor Power, RVT

Karen Johansen

Jessica Bowcott, VOA

Jess Bowcott is a certified VOA at Intercity Animal Emergency and has been with us since March 2018. She has a passion for animals that has been building over her years of schooling, which she plans to continue soon to become a Veterinary Technician, specializing in zoology. Her favourite animal is the Siberian Tiger.

She likes emergency medicine because she finds it exciting and different. When not at work she enjoys gaming, reading lots of books, travelling, and spending time with friends. She plans on adopting a cat once she’s completed school. She hails from Vancouver Island, where her family still lives.

Harman Bagri, VOA

Harman Bagri has been a VOA at Intercity Animal Emergency since February 2017. She likes being able to help animals and learning new things while working beside great doctors and staff. Harman moved from India, where her family still resides, to Canada in December 2016.

Her favourite animals are dogs and back in India, she has a 7-year-old St.Bernard, named Sandy. When not at work she enjoys listening to music and reading.

Melissa Leon, VOA

Melissa Leon started volunteering at Intercity Animal Emergency in November of 2016 and became an official VOA with us in January of 2018. She loves interacting with all animals and their owners. She doesn’t have a favourite animal; she simply loves them all.

She is currently studying Animal Biology at UBC and plans to go to vet school to become a Doctor. When not at work she teaches piano, volunteers, cooks, and bakes. She grew up in Vancouver and still enjoys living with her family.

Sid Takiar, VOA

Sid Takiar has been a VOA at Intercity Animal Emergency since December 2016. He loves the combination of interacting with pets and providing customer service. He plans to attend schooling to become a Veterinary Technician in the next few years. Sid’s favourite animals are dogs and he has a Labrador Retriever at home that he loves.

When not at work he enjoys playing soccer and travelling. He moved to Canada from India, where his parents still reside, in 2015.

Rosalia Jacome, VOA

Sara Saavedra, VOA

Zarah Velasco, VOA



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